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Running Time: 26 min

Language: English


This lecture will show that orthodontics can be the starting point to incorporate health science into your practice. This has always been an important part in Contemporary ZeroBase Bioprogressive Philosophy. It takes a business model and a systems approach to incorporate this into your practice.
In a short presentation we will attempt to show you a systems approach that will allow you to incorporate new technologies into you r practice. We will overview a diagnostic and treatment design system that allows you to individualize treatment based on the degree of difficulty of the patient. We consider technology a design for instrumental action, which may be hardware or software-based that increases the reliability of achieving a desired outcome.
We have quickly gone from analog to the digital age and need to keep incorporating technologies such as conebeam (CBCT), awareness/ wellness training and other technologies. Artificial Intelligence is going to play a large part in the future.

Release Date: 8-12-2020