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Running Time: 36 min

Language: English


The Straight-Wire Appliance was conceived of and developed by Dr. Lawrence F. Andrews in San Diego, California in the late 1960’ s and became commercially available in 1970. By the 1980’ s it’ s use had become widespread and today is likely the most commonly used orthodontic appliance in the world. Variations in prescription, material, design features, slot size, and ligation mechanism have emerged over time, some of which have enhanced performance, others which have not. Significant misconceptions persist about how best to utilize the appliance as it was originally intended. Factors that potentially affect performance including bracket siting, prescription values, deviation angle between archwire and slot, and variations in dental morphology, will be discussed. Suggestions to improve performance regardless of malocclusion type or race will be offered.

Release Date: 8-12-2020


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