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This presentation is the second of 4 modules related to treating the fully edentulous patient with removable overdentures. It will focus on the use of a jaw relation recording device (or tracing device) which will give the clinician new accuracy in procurring centric relation. The patient will generate a gothic arch tracing for us that will enhance our ability to be more accurate in our occlusal relationships. We will also illustrate the use of locator attachments: how they are chosen, and how their retentive capabilities are utilized. We will also show the use of strengthening metal frameworks for our denture bases, and how they add to the longevity of the denture base, and how it also allows us to produce a paletteless design in the maxillary overdenture. And, finally, we will illustrate the use of the pickup procedure intraorally, allowing us to pickup the locator attachment with a new material. Instead of using the older Methyl Methacrylates, it utilizes a lighter material that is cleaner, quicker, and more efficient. This module will dovetale in from the previous module of the series to demonstrate how we can successfully provide implant overdentures for our patient clientele.

Release Date: September 17, 2010


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